Friday, January 21, 2011

Zombie Proposal

I received an email a few months ago, inquiring about a cake as she wanted to propose to her boyfriend.

Well right away, I was interested!  Her next line completely sold me though... she said "we're really into zombies"  I knew then that I HAD to do this cake!  Weird and wonderful, creepy and ghoulish are my favourite themes!  Turns out that they also love Harry Potter and computers, as well as the movie "Alien"  so we combined those things to create this dementor-ish zombie emerging from a computer CPU.

As I worked on this cake, he developed quite a personality (yes, I DO anthropmorphize my cakes!) so he needed a name.  I settled on Rob.  Rob Zombie. (for those of you too old or too young or just not into heavy metal and horror, just Google the name.)  

Rob ended up rather larger than I had originally planned, and as this client wanted to pick up the cake, she had to scramble to find a vehicle to transport him (he was NOT fitting into her small car!)  Well she managed to rope in a friend with a station wagon and we twisted and turned and tilted until we got Rob into the back.  With approximately 1/4" clearance for his head, I wished them safe driving!

She assures me that he survived to made his grand entrance, and that  "the cake was the best thing I've done, and if I had to do it over again, I wouldn't change a thing."  

I just wish that he had said yes. :(