Monday, April 19, 2010


I have been itching to share this cake with you, but since it was for a competition, I had to keep it under wraps!

The competition required the cake to be a 3 tier wedding cake. Each tier was to look like a gift box and have a lid, a bow & a ribbon.

Well as you can guess by the name of my business, doing something that straightforward for a display cake was not going to happen! I needed to make it WILDER!

Presenting: BRIDEZILLA!!!

Bridezilla - another view

Do you like her ring? How about her french manicure? Her lovely complexion??

Or the back of her lovely gown?
DSC_0059 (2)

LOL... say something nice... those teeth look SHARP!

I just LOVE the look of terror on the groom's face!

I didn't place (I did have some non-conformance issues) but was a close runner-up for the People's Choice award, and I believe the public was nearly as amused as I was, so that's win enough for me!