Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sweet Naughtiness

naughty bed
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boudoir scene cake
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Perhaps my favourite cakes are the ones that tell a story... that have a sense of humour... that have new details to notice every time you look at them.

I am also partial to the naughty cakes for the simple reason that my kitchen is in the basement of a parish hall, and there is a delicious frisson at having to hide the evidence of my work when the church ladies come down to say hello. (not to say that my naughty cakes are a big secret; it was discussed before I started working there, but not everyone shares my sense of humour!)

In any case... this week I had the opportunity to replicate a design I did a couple of years ago for my sister-in-law's stag and doe.

There is nothing actually shown on this cake that would make it X-rated, yet the design is two of the naughtiest cakes I have done. The new version of this cake includes a police hat (groom-to-be is a cop) and a naughty-nurse's uniform (yep, bride-to-be is a nurse)