Friday, July 24, 2009

Wedding Cakes

As promised... some recent wedding cakes!

The first wedding cake is a personal favourite of mine... it was a designed based on our logo! We had made a similar cake last year for the bridal shows we attend, and this couple fell in love with the design, though they had different colours in mind!

They also requested a rough and rustic wooden looking base which was loads of fun to create in fondant!

The second wedding cake I have for you today is one that was booked well over a year ago, and based very strongly on a design by Colette Peters. Pure elegance!

Even the vase was hand made of gumpaste and filled with flowers in delicate shades of ivory. This was a time consuming design; from the fine piping at the top to the large stencilled bottom, but well worth the effort!

The third cake I wanted to share today is another based on one of our existing designs but completely re-worked! The original was done in chocolate fondant with HOT lime green champagne bubbles on a square 2 tier cake...

I love the progression from lime to soft yellow within the bubbles on each tier; it's a subtle effect but really quite lovely!

As is often the case, I designed the base while working on the rest of the cake; many couples love to be surprised with that little detail, and inspiration often strikes once I am mid-way through putting the elements of the cake together.

The last one for today was for my dear brother-in-law and his new bride. She ordered this gorgeous (though huge) monogram topper. When I saw it, I realized that a 6" top tier just wouldn't do, and we re-designed the cake to have an 8" top tier!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Oh wow...

It's been a while since I have written anything here! So much has happened in the last few months!
We had a complete re-design of the web site and we couldn't be happier!!
We have a winner of our Geeky Cake contest and will actually be meeting with her in person in August! (THOSE cake photos to come with another post.)

As for THIS post... I thought I reward your patience with a few sculpted cakes...

First off we have one of the longest cakes we have done to date... a nearly 4 foot long moose (yes, he was half chocolate!) for a retiring game warden. I named him Murray the Moose.

Murray is submerged in a poured sugar lake with rice paper bullrushes.

Completed the same weekend was a typewriter made to replicate the graduate's old manual typewriter and to celebrate her graduation from Laurier.

I have to thank my fabulous associate Michelle from Tierful Designs for her help with this cake!

And finally to wind up today's cakes... a birthday moneybag for a lad who appreciates the finer things in life...

Next week... wedding cakes!!