Thursday, April 16, 2009


If you've come here for fabulous cake stories, I'm sorry (more soon I promise!)

If you've come here for DA RULZ on our fabulous Geeky Cake Design Contest... see below!

And if you've come here to randomly help my cousin win a car... WOOO HOOOO!!! Have I got the post for you!!! LOL

My cousin Andrew Capyk is one of the finalists in a contest to win a Nissan Cube. If you like voting for stuff, or have 2 minutes to spare, you can vote daily from now until the end of the month. Andrew is getting married in the new year (yes, I am making the cake... details to follow!!) and having a new car would certainly help out this young couple!

Want to know more? Andrew did a quick video on youTube, and has a group on FB (go on... join up and ask Andrew to do something goofy for your vote!) and probably a few other things I've forgotten! If you just want to get on with voting already... go to

and search for CAPYK then vote for him*

* you do have to register to be able to vote. If you are cool with that, GREAT!! If not, then no problem... thanks for reading!

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