Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Geeky Cake Contest

Wild Cakes loves a challenge. We also love theme cakes!
You love our Corpse Bride wedding cake.
We all love Cake Wrecks and the Great White Snark. They love geeky cakes.

So... inspired by all this love, Wild Cakes is running a contest for all you closet geeks who have fabulous cake ideas, and nobody to make 'em.

Wild Cakes' first ever Geeky Cake Design Contest starts now and will close April 30, 2009.So how do you enter? Just hop on over to GWS's blog and comment on the contest post! Tell us what you think would be the ULTIMATE geeky cake!

Winner will be chosen based on feasibility (hey, we're good, but gravity still applies!) and just general geeky goodness. It can be based on wildly popular or more esoteric geek pop culture. We love cake sculpting and figure modelling, but wedding cake ideas are welcome too.

Describe your cake idea in general terms in a comment on the blog, and you can then submit additional details and/or a sketch via e-mail to (but please post on the blog first and refer to your comment number in the e-mail*)

Winner will get to see their idea produced in cakey goodness. the cake will be added to our web site gallery, and will be on display at all the shows we do in the next season. It may also be featured on a Sunday Sweets on Cake Wrecks and Geeky Cake of the Week on the GWS (if Jen & Mike decide that it is up to their high standards of sweet geeky cake-ness! LOL)

And if all that internet fame is not enough, you also get a custom t-shirt based on your cake design, a copy of Wild Cakes' design sketch and a signed copy of a photo of your finished design!

* note that we reserve the right to adjust or modify the design in whatever way we feel is necesary to produce the best possible cake. If a particular detail is critical to the design, tell us why!
**in the case where more than one version of the same design is submitted, the first one recieved will be considered the winner. If multiple similar (yet substantially different) designs are received, the one that is best described will win.
*** enter as many times as you wish, but each entry must be a different design. Entering the same design 10 times will just annoy us; this is not a raffle where more entries = more chances to win!


  1. Great Idea, Melissa! I love GWS and Cake Wrecks, can't wait to see what they come up with.

  2. I think you should do a 3D original series Enterprise from Star Trek orbiting a planet cake base. For example:

  3. If you want geeky, I think a circuit board might do it. Or a GIGO (Garbage In, Garbage Out) cake with old-style punch cards going into an old-style computer.

  4. Cake Wrecks has already brought to our attention the unhappy circumstance that is a total absence of Stargate Atlantis cakes. It's your chance to rectify the situation. There are so many cake options; beautiful architecture, funky looking ships, or if you're up to the challenge you could even try to capture the essence of John Sheppard's hair and finally answer the question we've all been wondering. Like, how does he get his hair to go like that?

  5. oh so many ideas. i really have no idea if any of these have been done (i'm sort of new to the love of cake decorating), so i'll stick with 3 for now:
    (1) the serenity logo:
    (2) a flux capacitor
    (3) strawberry shortcake (sitting on the top of a strawberry maybe?)

  6. i think for the ultimate geek cake, you need to have the old school computers with the think black rim glasses and pocket protecters, then move to a more modern style geek with some D&D references, World of Warcraft and of course the childhood geekfest that is Pokemon, maybe even some bianary could be used to put an extra geeky touch to the cake.

  7. Maybe it's Cake Wreck's latest Sunday Sweets offering talking... but I'd love to see a Clue board game cake done (by Mrs. White, in the Kitchen, with the knife, of course).

  8. Maybe it's Cake Wreck's latest Sunday Sweets offering talking... but I'd love to see a Clue board game cake done (by Mrs. White in the Kitchen, with a knife, of course).

  9. ah, well the first idea that popped in to my mind: a depiction of some sort of LAN bachelor party (yep, that's what my hubby-to-be wants for his party!) Either multiple cakes connected, or little fondant people and machines on a sheet... hmm, I'll have to think about that more!

  10. Resistance is futile.
    BORG QUEEN, love the scene where her head n shoulders is being mechanically lowered onto her gruesomely seperate torso. Awesome airbrush technique op, 3D elements and huge GEEK factor. -VikTheChef