Monday, March 30, 2009

Wild Cakes... take a walk on the Wild Side!

Wild Cakes is something a little different. We don't do slab cakes. We don't do basic cakes with 2 roses and Happy Birthday written on them. We don't do boring.

We also don't do bland. Our cakes are made COMPLETELY from scratch. We do not start with a commercial mix or base, we do not use artificial flavourings. We don't use shortening.
What we do use is pure unsalted butter, premium Nielsen Massey vanilla, Callebaut chocolate, real raspberries and so much more.

What we do is the extraordinary. We do flights of fancy and jaw dropping replicas of everyday objects. We do beautiful contemporary cake designs. We do custom toppers. We do wedding cakes for every type of wedding.
(we don't do fountains with coloured water however...)

We have also been known to make REALLY WILD cakes for bachelorette parties, divorce parties, and those ever-so-intimate special evenings in.

So that is what we do (and do not.)

Who are we?

Wild Cakes is a new business located in Brantford, Ontario. We serve an area with an approximately 60km radius of Brantford for delivered cakes, or as far as you want to drive if you want to pick up your cake.

We do not currently have a retail space; Wild Cakes rents a commercial kitchen which is fully health-board certified and inspected. This arrangement allows us to stay true to our vision and focus on the one-of-a-kind cakes we love so much.

I am Melissa Capyk; owner and head artist at Wild Cakes. I have a background in both Fine Arts and Architectural Technology. I have what can only be described as a unique sense of humour. I have been creating cakes for friends and family for several years, then in December of 2007 I took the opportunity of being downsized from my day job to start following my dreams and Wild Cakes was born.

I source tools and techniques, toppers and inspiration from all over the world. I display at several different bridal shows and other events around the area every year.

I am not hiring. Seriously.

I am obsessed with cake. EVERYTHING I look at is a potential source of inspiration. Buildings, fabrics, papers, everything. I even have a cake on my tattoo.

Why start a blog?

Well because all the cool kids are doing it. And also, because I don't get the chance to share the wonderful stories behind so many of my creations. Names will be changed to protect the private. Pricing will not be discussed here because every cake is different.

Posting will be erratic at best, so you may want to subscribe using one of those handy buttons over there on the right.

Want to know more? Take a gander at our web site: and I hope to hear from you soon.