Friday, September 11, 2009

just a moment.

Well my timing is all wrong, but... stopped for a moment and thought about what has changed, what hasn't... the sorrow, the triumph, the incredible camaraderie and the horror that we humans do to one another in the name of ideology.

Remembering to take nothing for granted; to live each day as if it were my last. Tell my loved ones what they mean to me. Reconnect with old friends. Make amends or at least work on mending fences. Let go of old grudges.

Gentle hugs for those who lost someone eight years ago. Bigger hugs for you military folks who stand watch.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

yet another interlude...

I'll blog more cakes shortly, but i just wanted to share with (all 3 of you LOL) a fabulous singer I heard in person last weekend...

Angie Nussey is absolutely fabulous and a delight! Give her song "Warm Hands" a listen, then peek into the "Little Tragedies" section and listen to "Broken" if you want to hear a couple of my faves! Then if you feel like something silly; well she does that too (my kids adore the Jumbotron song!)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Kathleen's 11th B-day Cake

This cake is from a couple of years ago, but it remains one of my favourite designs!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

satin bow wedding cake

satin-bow1 wedding cake
Originally uploaded by Wild Cakes
Back to the wedding cakes for a moment... here is a petite beauty we just love! Delicate piping, edible bow and jewellery and some lovely gumpaste roses... divine!

satin bow wedding cake... another view

satin-bow2 wedding cake
Originally uploaded by Wild Cakes
And just to show you all what a difference even small details can make to a cake, here is the same wedding cake with a different topper and different lighing!

princess-purse cake

princess-purse cake
Originally uploaded by Wild Cakes
Fun purse for a sweet little girl! Filled with her favourite things like her rubber duckie and her jewels, this purse looks like it's ready for a day on the town!

twilight book cake

twilight book cake2
Originally uploaded by Wild Cakes
I suspect this design is going to be very popular this year!

The apple is cake, the chess pieces are chocolate and the petals are gumpaste. The ribbon is the only non-edible component on this cake and is just... ribbon.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Wedding Cakes

As promised... some recent wedding cakes!

The first wedding cake is a personal favourite of mine... it was a designed based on our logo! We had made a similar cake last year for the bridal shows we attend, and this couple fell in love with the design, though they had different colours in mind!

They also requested a rough and rustic wooden looking base which was loads of fun to create in fondant!

The second wedding cake I have for you today is one that was booked well over a year ago, and based very strongly on a design by Colette Peters. Pure elegance!

Even the vase was hand made of gumpaste and filled with flowers in delicate shades of ivory. This was a time consuming design; from the fine piping at the top to the large stencilled bottom, but well worth the effort!

The third cake I wanted to share today is another based on one of our existing designs but completely re-worked! The original was done in chocolate fondant with HOT lime green champagne bubbles on a square 2 tier cake...

I love the progression from lime to soft yellow within the bubbles on each tier; it's a subtle effect but really quite lovely!

As is often the case, I designed the base while working on the rest of the cake; many couples love to be surprised with that little detail, and inspiration often strikes once I am mid-way through putting the elements of the cake together.

The last one for today was for my dear brother-in-law and his new bride. She ordered this gorgeous (though huge) monogram topper. When I saw it, I realized that a 6" top tier just wouldn't do, and we re-designed the cake to have an 8" top tier!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Oh wow...

It's been a while since I have written anything here! So much has happened in the last few months!
We had a complete re-design of the web site and we couldn't be happier!!
We have a winner of our Geeky Cake contest and will actually be meeting with her in person in August! (THOSE cake photos to come with another post.)

As for THIS post... I thought I reward your patience with a few sculpted cakes...

First off we have one of the longest cakes we have done to date... a nearly 4 foot long moose (yes, he was half chocolate!) for a retiring game warden. I named him Murray the Moose.

Murray is submerged in a poured sugar lake with rice paper bullrushes.

Completed the same weekend was a typewriter made to replicate the graduate's old manual typewriter and to celebrate her graduation from Laurier.

I have to thank my fabulous associate Michelle from Tierful Designs for her help with this cake!

And finally to wind up today's cakes... a birthday moneybag for a lad who appreciates the finer things in life...

Next week... wedding cakes!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


If you've come here for fabulous cake stories, I'm sorry (more soon I promise!)

If you've come here for DA RULZ on our fabulous Geeky Cake Design Contest... see below!

And if you've come here to randomly help my cousin win a car... WOOO HOOOO!!! Have I got the post for you!!! LOL

My cousin Andrew Capyk is one of the finalists in a contest to win a Nissan Cube. If you like voting for stuff, or have 2 minutes to spare, you can vote daily from now until the end of the month. Andrew is getting married in the new year (yes, I am making the cake... details to follow!!) and having a new car would certainly help out this young couple!

Want to know more? Andrew did a quick video on youTube, and has a group on FB (go on... join up and ask Andrew to do something goofy for your vote!) and probably a few other things I've forgotten! If you just want to get on with voting already... go to

and search for CAPYK then vote for him*

* you do have to register to be able to vote. If you are cool with that, GREAT!! If not, then no problem... thanks for reading!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Geeky Cake Contest

Wild Cakes loves a challenge. We also love theme cakes!
You love our Corpse Bride wedding cake.
We all love Cake Wrecks and the Great White Snark. They love geeky cakes.

So... inspired by all this love, Wild Cakes is running a contest for all you closet geeks who have fabulous cake ideas, and nobody to make 'em.

Wild Cakes' first ever Geeky Cake Design Contest starts now and will close April 30, 2009.So how do you enter? Just hop on over to GWS's blog and comment on the contest post! Tell us what you think would be the ULTIMATE geeky cake!

Winner will be chosen based on feasibility (hey, we're good, but gravity still applies!) and just general geeky goodness. It can be based on wildly popular or more esoteric geek pop culture. We love cake sculpting and figure modelling, but wedding cake ideas are welcome too.

Describe your cake idea in general terms in a comment on the blog, and you can then submit additional details and/or a sketch via e-mail to (but please post on the blog first and refer to your comment number in the e-mail*)

Winner will get to see their idea produced in cakey goodness. the cake will be added to our web site gallery, and will be on display at all the shows we do in the next season. It may also be featured on a Sunday Sweets on Cake Wrecks and Geeky Cake of the Week on the GWS (if Jen & Mike decide that it is up to their high standards of sweet geeky cake-ness! LOL)

And if all that internet fame is not enough, you also get a custom t-shirt based on your cake design, a copy of Wild Cakes' design sketch and a signed copy of a photo of your finished design!

* note that we reserve the right to adjust or modify the design in whatever way we feel is necesary to produce the best possible cake. If a particular detail is critical to the design, tell us why!
**in the case where more than one version of the same design is submitted, the first one recieved will be considered the winner. If multiple similar (yet substantially different) designs are received, the one that is best described will win.
*** enter as many times as you wish, but each entry must be a different design. Entering the same design 10 times will just annoy us; this is not a raffle where more entries = more chances to win!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Turning 40... with STYLE!

This cake was the result of several phone calls and e-mails! Mr. C's lovely fashionista wife was having a 40th birthday party so he wanted something special to celebrate!!
He also wanted to poke gentle fun at the fact that she had reached this amazing milestone. And pay homage to her planned trip to New York City with her fashionista "girls"
In the end, we decided a Louis Vuitton (her fave designer) purse made of raspberry chocolate fudge cake with certain accoutrements of getting older spilling out would be just the ticket!

Then we added a set of lemon cupcakes with large apples (for the Big Apple) and clock faces (Times Square anyone? Time flies by? All sorts of fun meanings here!)

Fun order, lovely client with a sense of humour... I LOVE MY JOB!!!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Wild Cakes... take a walk on the Wild Side!

Wild Cakes is something a little different. We don't do slab cakes. We don't do basic cakes with 2 roses and Happy Birthday written on them. We don't do boring.

We also don't do bland. Our cakes are made COMPLETELY from scratch. We do not start with a commercial mix or base, we do not use artificial flavourings. We don't use shortening.
What we do use is pure unsalted butter, premium Nielsen Massey vanilla, Callebaut chocolate, real raspberries and so much more.

What we do is the extraordinary. We do flights of fancy and jaw dropping replicas of everyday objects. We do beautiful contemporary cake designs. We do custom toppers. We do wedding cakes for every type of wedding.
(we don't do fountains with coloured water however...)

We have also been known to make REALLY WILD cakes for bachelorette parties, divorce parties, and those ever-so-intimate special evenings in.

So that is what we do (and do not.)

Who are we?

Wild Cakes is a new business located in Brantford, Ontario. We serve an area with an approximately 60km radius of Brantford for delivered cakes, or as far as you want to drive if you want to pick up your cake.

We do not currently have a retail space; Wild Cakes rents a commercial kitchen which is fully health-board certified and inspected. This arrangement allows us to stay true to our vision and focus on the one-of-a-kind cakes we love so much.

I am Melissa Capyk; owner and head artist at Wild Cakes. I have a background in both Fine Arts and Architectural Technology. I have what can only be described as a unique sense of humour. I have been creating cakes for friends and family for several years, then in December of 2007 I took the opportunity of being downsized from my day job to start following my dreams and Wild Cakes was born.

I source tools and techniques, toppers and inspiration from all over the world. I display at several different bridal shows and other events around the area every year.

I am not hiring. Seriously.

I am obsessed with cake. EVERYTHING I look at is a potential source of inspiration. Buildings, fabrics, papers, everything. I even have a cake on my tattoo.

Why start a blog?

Well because all the cool kids are doing it. And also, because I don't get the chance to share the wonderful stories behind so many of my creations. Names will be changed to protect the private. Pricing will not be discussed here because every cake is different.

Posting will be erratic at best, so you may want to subscribe using one of those handy buttons over there on the right.

Want to know more? Take a gander at our web site: and I hope to hear from you soon.